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Business Description:
Keeping your property and your assets safe from potential damages and problems can be an important part of ensuring that you do not have any financial challenges in the future. A single accident can impact your finances in Alabama; however, insurance can limit the risks that you may face. By talking to the professionals at an insurance agency like the Rocket City Insurance Group, you can select an auto policy and a home insurance plan that is appropriate for your goals.
Auto Protection Plans:
Auto insurance is a requirement of the state; however, you can purchase more than the minimum standards. The state requires that you purchase liability protection in case an accident occurs. Generally, liability coverage is too limited to address all of your concerns if you want to make sure that your car is covered in most situations.

You can purchase additional coverage if liability protection is not enough. The additional coverage can include a comprehensive plan, collision protection and specific coverage for concerns like theft or vandalism.
Home Policies:
A house has unique risks that range from liability concerns to the risk of a fire or storm damage. Your home insurance policy should protect against the most common threats; however, you should always compare the different options before you finalize a plan. In some cases, insurance policies will exclude specific risks, like flooding, and you may need to add to the basic plan. You can use online tools to compare policies or you can talk to an agent for assistance if you are looking for a new plan.

Your assets and personal property can have risks. Buying an insurance policy helps limit the costs associated with the risks so that you can enjoy your property. To learn more about your options, contact us today.
Other Insurance:
Rocket City Insurance Group provides insurance for a wide range of assets. For many people, the investment in these assets is significant. And, there are risks to using them each time. However, with affordable insurance, it may be possible to reduce some of these risks. As an independent agency, we work with multiple insurance carriers to ensure you get the type of coverage you need at the best rates possible, no matter which toys or vehicles you have in your yard.



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