Do you have a settling foundation or water damage in your basement? Inconsistent moisture levels in the soil or poor soil compaction leads to foundation issues. Affordable Foundation & Home Repair can inspect your foundation. We can fix sagging and squeaky floors for good. Ignoring the signs of foundation and water issues is dangerous, as foundation problems could get worse and cost you more money in the long run.
If you notice cracks and other foundation issues, give us a call today. We offer the following foundation repair techniques and other services:
  • Wall repair, seal cracks, wall alignment and leveling walls
  • Foundation repair
  • Thorough inspections and water damage assessments
  • Wet basement solutions and waterproofing methods
  • Sealing vents
  • Crawlspace mold remediation and repair
  • Home repair and remodeling
  • Mudjacking and concrete repair
Affordable Foundation and Home Repair is a family owned company that proudly serves cities in Alabama and Tennessee, such as Huntsville, Decatur, Gadsden and Birmingham, with professional foundation remediation and repair. We have over 20 years of experience in the industry, using the latest high-quality foundation repair products on the market. We use quality foundation repair products to lift and level foundations. Contact us today for free estimates on home repairs, basement waterproofing and anchoring for commercial or residential projects.



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